Belén Berdeja is a 26 year old, self-taught artist from Mexico City whose art tells a story of the pain, beauty and power that goes along with being a woman. In 2015 she began to learn in the fields of painting and photography, which opened the way to a new career in the art world.


I think of Beauty. Not in the pretty. In Beauty. Specifically in the Intrinsic Beauty of women and in the infinity of possibilities that exist for it to take shape. I have always been intrigued by the way in which each social circle has its own guidelines on what is "right" and what is "wrong," what is beautiful and what is not. From here come the canons of beauty, so tied to the context of each person. They are social constructs. Yet each culture brings them so ingrained, that looking at the world from another perspective becomes extremely difficult.

This curiosity about the way the world works has gone hand in hand with the intrigue caused by the notion of femininity and its relation to beauty and morals, my understanding of these concepts and the meaning that others give them. Throughout my life, this is what has caught my attention the most and has caused some internal demons.


Well, what is it to be a woman in religion, in sexuality, in biology, in society? What is beautiful in a woman? And why is there so much pressure on "femininity"? In my art I intend to express that curiosity and question the viewer, to deal with these issues while I can understand my own feminine being. I seek the woman and her Intrinsic Beauty, which is neither conventional nor easy to understand. In developing my artistic style, I embrace my sensitivity and find calm. I become vulnerable to be stronger. It is the conscious decision to face my demons and  even when I do not achieve their total extinction - to subject them to the depth of their origin.   - Belen

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