Catherine Paradis, from Canada, started painting 5 years ago and it has become much more than a passion for her.


"Painting is a way to express myself, free my emotions and convey a feeling at the present moment. My imagination has no limits for creativity. My head is always full of ideas and this makes me able to liberate my visions and transfer them to my canvas. I’m inspired by music and it’s legacy within it’s era, color and culture. I mostly paint at night as it’s the time I’m the most inspired" - Catherine.


Catherine focuses mainly on portraits, using an Urban Contemporary Style, with a subtle vintage touch through collage on some of her pieces. She uses mixed media for her backgrounds, mixing sheets of music, book pages or  whatever she has at hand that is vintage and recycled, you’ll find some abstract touches either by the colors or the shapes she creates. She prefers to paint in large dimensions only as this lets her express herself more freely.


"With every new piece I surpass myself, performing to the highest of my abilities.  Creating is liberating and enriching for me on all levels, it prepares me to overcome any challenge that comes my way" - Catherine Paradis.

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