Very few Spanish-American artists manage to achieve the versatility and mastery of the various artistic movements, always seeking and creating new pictorial worlds where one can see his skills from the mastery of Drawing to color and shapes.


A Painter, Sculptor and Poet, Juan Carlos Cepeda was born in Anserma (Caldas) Colombia in 1977.

His work is inspired by the culture and social reality of the world that he loves and desires for his eternal muses and daughters of his soul.


For the last 20 years, Juan Carlos Cepeda has had his own gallery in Colombia, Galeria J. Cepeda, and he has never stopped supporting social causes of all kinds. As a Poet in love with those in need, this artist touches your soul through his works, which are not only sold but also donated for different causes, all with the same purpose, to make the dreams of many come true.


Thanks to his incredible creations and the persistent work of his team, his works have been exhibited around the World in places such as Australia, Germany, Singapore, Spain, England, the United States and several countries of South America.

Zenith Art & Fashion in Miami (FL), is celebrating their anniversary on April 27 of this year, and has invited Juan Carlos Cepeda to participate as a revelation artist where he will be on exhibit for 1 year.


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