Linda S. Syvertsen is a Norwegian painter based in Horten, Norway.

She began her artistic practice a few years ago and it quickly became her passion. She has been mainly self-taught, besides attending a series of painting and drawing courses in 2014/15. She currently has a studio at Artilleriverkstedet, a newly founded cultural house and studio complex in her hometown.


In 2017, she became a member of NFUK, Norwegian union for independent artists.

She focuses primarily on expressive, intuitive portraits, as well as abstract compositions on canvas and sometimes acrylic on paper. She uses acrylics and charcoal, and many different tools such as knives, spatulas, sponges, her own hands, spray paints and stencils to create a variety of effects.

“I like to experiment with different techniques, sometimes a failure is what I’m looking for. I like the intuitive process without perfection because I can work fast and free without thinking, which gives me a sense or feeling of a freedom that I love” – Linda.

Her driving force is to express herself and her paintings reflect her feelings towards relationships through her life experiences from both now and the past.

Her portraits always take an emotion as a starting point, not always consciously and never as a plan but suddenly, along the process, she discovers an expression that's mirroring her mood at that specific moment. Through this process, her portraits often give her a deeper understanding and a higher self-knowledge.

“My work is deeply personal and very meaningful to me, and I’m hoping that others who experience my paintings can recognize some of those expressions and feelings within themselves as well, as a way to connect” – Linda Syvertsen.



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