Born and raised in Norway, Merete Steinvik Haugen wants people to see colors they haven’t seen before. She aims for her art to touch someone’s core, to influence ways of thinking and give a voice to the silenced. She paints the small things in life, trying to evoke feelings that are too complex for words. “I wish to capture the beauty in life, passion and compassion, I want to whisper about the fragile and the uncomfortable. I believe that stars need darkness to shine”.

Growing up, she wanted to become a criminal investigator. She was obsessed with puzzles and riddles, and she even ran her own Private Investigator Agency from a very early age. “Despite this passion, I had no choice – Art was my calling. However, these two fields are actually quite similar; the investigator solves mysteries, while the artist creates them. I believe that the journey should be thought of as more than means to an end. I have ambitions along the way, and I want to leave footprints behind. I wish for my paintings to touch hearts around the world, to make a difference. I want to create a portfolio of work that portraits the feelings of people of today’s society, a capture of this moment in time, a breath of true life. I feel I have unlimited stories to tell, and can’t wait to let you experience them. I don’t believe in doing something half way. My paintings have got all of me".


Merete has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of the Arts in London – Wimbledon School of Art. Before pursuing painting as a full-time profession, she worked on TV and production, creating installations and tailor-made exhibitions and performances. She has also taught at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.


The collection of paintings shown at Zenith Art & Fashion in Miami are about “Trust”. Zenith Art & Fashion has a vision of a world in which all humans are equal. To nurture equality, we must allow ourselves to trust. Trust is a value. How can you know who is to be trusted? Can you even trust yourself?. These paintings are about fragility, faith, trustworthiness. Most importantly, they challenge you to look with honesty into the eyes of the people whose paths cross yours. Even if the encounter lasts for just a moment, don’t let it be fleeting. Let them feel trusted and be trustworthy.

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